6 September 2011 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Last week I grumbled about how rubbish I thought the new season of “Doctor Who” had become. I must admit I quite liked the most recent episode. “Night Terrors” was classic Doctor Who. Really good. But it would have been better in three or four episodes, each of twenty five minutes duration….
Talking of decent television, Downton Abbey’s second season starts in a week or so. The trailer is on-line.

I am told that my urine is a particularly volatile fluid, but there was something on the radio this morning which boiled my piss. And boiled it big-time. I’ve not had my kindle for six months and already it is obsolete. Amazon are (allegedly) about to bring out the colour version of the Kindle. It will be a book-reader, and a whole lot more. It will even stream video.
And you know what will happen next. Within a very short space of time, the Kindle will become yesterday’s technology; an unsupported format fit only for boot fairs and bins.
I was about to ask why technology is like this: why does the “next big thing” come so quickly. But the answer is obvious – because people will pay for it. Enough people will be happy to throw away their six-month-old Kindle and shell out good money on something else to make it worth the while of Amazon to bring out Kindle-II.
I’m hoping I can make my Kindle last for a little while longer before I’m forced onto the next great somebody-else’s-moneyspinner.
And just to add insult to injury, McDonalds have added calorie counts to their menus. I don’t care how many calories there are in a Big McScoff: I shall still yum it up…

I was early in to work this morning: I’m still figuring out  how long it takes to get to Canterbury, and I had to be there early. Last week the quack said I needed to do a fasting blood test (as part of the on-going insomnia investigations). So this morning I fasted and then had my bloods done. One of the disadvantages of working in blood testing is that looking up your own results is a disciplinary offence.  And bearing in mind that I’m in quite enough trouble already, I shall await to find my results through the proper channels.
I wonder how I did….


  1. Actually, your kindle is a already a 'version 3'. Amazon will continue to support the necessary formats for years. Don't worry. :)

  2. Having read the Guardian article I think Amazon are just tapping into the Android tablet market (of which there are many manufacturers). These are not really designed as an Ebook reader so I wouldn't put your Kindle on eBay just yet....:-)