5 September 2011 (Monday) - Renewable Power

Just as I thought the coffee-free lifestyle was curing the insomnia, I was proved wrong. I woke at 2.50 am this morning. It was perhaps as well I didn’t oversleep, as today was the first day of my (hopefully temporary) secondment to working at the Canterbury Hospital.
The drive to Canterbury was quite pleasant – I shouted at the politicians on the radio, and I got there in plenty of time. The workload is somewhat more relaxed than I am used to, but it was good to be able to do a job well rather than a job rushed. And I got to come home via the Koi shop at Chilham where I picked up a ton of fish food. That should keep the greedy beggars fed for the next few weeks.

Meanwhile across the pond one of my Canadian cousins has raised an interesting point. Wind Farms – are they quite what they are cracked up to be? It wold seem that over in Ontario there is very little consultation with the public as to where wind farms are going. Added to which is the question of exactly how efficient (or not) the wind turbines are. Having a sunnier climate, there is a feeling over in Canada that maybe solar panels might be a more effective way to produce power.
I always thought that the production of solar panels involved the use of large amounts of dangerous chemicals, but I could be wrong.

Personally I like the idea of wind farms. Efficient or not, there are two wind farms within twenty miles of my house, and whenever I see the arrays on the Romney Marsh, or off the Whitstable coast I get a warm feeling inside. I *like* wind farms. And to be honest, despite the dangerous chemicals, I quite like the idea of solar panels too.
After all, once the coal and oil has all gone (global warming concerns aside), what will we do without “wind (and other renewables)”…?

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  1. I too like to see wind farms. I can't agree with people who say they are an eyesore. I think they are tranquil and very peaceful....but what do I know ?