17 September 2011 (Saturday) - Carp, Anniversaries...

I had a reasonable night’s sleep: which was good. I woke about 7am, and after lying restless for half an hour I thought I’d have a quick go on the computer. I had some silly bits of paperwork to do. It’s amazing how silly bits of paperwork can take up so much of your life: what I thought would take up ten minutes actually kept me quiet for over two hours.

After a spot of brekkie, me and ‘er indoors TM went up town. I‘d found a dozen DVDs that I thought I might flog to the CEX shop. They took ten of them, and gave me a fiver’s credit. So I spent that on more DVDs. We then mooched round town a bit more, then came home, where we watched the last episode of this season of Torchwood.
I won’t say too much about it, as I know there are those of my loyal readers who haven’t seen it yet, but let’s just say that I’ve never been a big fan of Torchwood, and this season has done nothing to change my opinion of the show.

The plan for the afternoon had been to go fishing. But the weather wasn’t good, and I must admit to having had reservations about going fishing because of the weather. But we set off for fishing as planned. Half way there the heavens opened, and I suspected the worst. But the downpour stopped as quickly as it started, and we had a really good (and dry) afternoon at the pond. Steve and Sarah got to try out their new rods, and I got to try out float-ledgering. I was quite pleased with float-ledgering – it seems to have worked. I only had one fish all afternoon, but it was the biggest fish I’ve had this year.

Unfortunately as the afternoon wore on, it got rather cold; and so we gave it till half past five and then came home.
I washed off the worst of the carp slime and the sheep poo, and set off for Hastings for a silver wedding anniversary party. Twenty five years – I feel old….

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