13 September 2011 (Tuesday) - Crackpots

I hear the banks are being forced to separate their “domestic” operations from their “high-flying gambles”. Apparently it’s taken governments (of all political persuasions) years to realise that whilst it’s fine for them to play roulette, poker, and wild guessing games with their own money, they shouldn’t do it with mine.
It amazes me that having seen the society caused by the wanton greed provoked by Margaret Thatcher, it’s taken them so long to realise than unfettered capitalism is fundamentally evil.

Meanwhile the moon is back in the news. Far be it from me to encourage the conspiracy theorist crackpot lunatic fringe, but I have a question. NASA have released photographs from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Look at this link, and you can clearly see tracks made by the L.R.V. (moon buggy), and you can see the L.R.V. parked where the astronauts left it. But you can’t see tracks going to or from the L.R.V. itself. What’s that all about?

Talking of crackpots, did you know that the planet Saturn causes backache? No? I didn’t know that either. But it says so on the Internet, so it must be true. Apparently it’s something to do with the fact that the planet Saturn emits blue rays. (I’m using the word “fact” in its loosest sense here!).
I mention this because eighteen months ago I wrote a blog entry entitled “Backache, Saturn…”, and just lately my blog-tracking software has gone mad: this particular blog entry has recently received loads of hits. Presumably from new-age crackpots who believe that sort of twaddle.
It’s ironic that if you type “Saturn backache” into Google, my blog entry appears way ahead of the loony nonsense.

The other day I whinged about my Kindle becoming obsolete. Perhaps not so – it would seem that Amazon are talking about having a cyber-library. For a fee I will be able to borrow books for my Kindle (rather than buy them). A novel concept.
I wonder if Ashford’s new library will try to compete…

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