23 September 2011 (Friday) - This n That

The news today has something which could quite literally change the course of human history. For the last one hundred and six years we’ve all believed Albert when he said that E=mc2. It would seem that he was wrong. The consequences of this mistake are astronomical. Quite literally astronomical. Practical interstellar travel is no longer theoretically impossible. As our planet becomes utterly bollixed up by global warming and catastrophic climate change, abandoning ship becomes a practical proposition. When the sun dies (which it will), humanity need not die with it.
However I can hear the surprise in the voices of my loyal readers even as I type this. Of course this wasn’t headline news. Headline news is some old drivel about money, arguing politicians, soap stars, tits and bingo.

In more mundane news, after work we went swimming again. It has to be said that the slow lane of the pool at the Stour Centre has to be seen to be believed. I wouldn’t say that it is where the porkers go to exercise, but the last time I saw anything like it was when I took the scouts on a boat off of Vancouver Island on a whale-watching expedition.
But I swam between and around the orcas, and covered a distance of six hundred metres. I’m getting better. Mind you, swimming is dull: up and down, and you can’t really talk to anyone without drowning. And I suspect that you couldn’t use an iPod without it short-circuiting.

And then I did the monthly accounts. My credit card bill had a charge of a fiver from last Friday for “Product Support AG” and gave a reference number. I’ve phoned the bank – I have absolutely no idea what that was all about, and it’s five quid I could do with. The bank have no idea either, and will phone me back to tell me. Or so they say…

I then plugged the day’s calories into myfitnesspal (dot com). I really need to do a bit of food research. I had this vague idea that fruit is good for you: I’m giving up with bananas – they are riddled with calories. I can eat three apples or four carrots for the same calorie allowance. And I like apples and carrots, but I’m not actually that fussed about bananas…


  1. You asked for it: http://www.splashgear.co.uk/waterproof-mp3-player.php

  2. Re short-circuiting.... au contraire...