8 September 2011 (Thursday) - Stuff

I see the pooh sticks race we did at Teston Kite festival has made the local paper. I must admit I’m a tad jealous – when I ran it last year we didn’t get such publicity.

Meanwhile, despite several suggestions of help and advice, the CD player in my car remains stuffed up. This could be a blessing in disguise – for some time I’ve been intending to replace it with one into which I can plug a USB memory stick. Perhaps this is God’s way of making me finally do so. I shall have a look in Halfords at the weekend.

To work – I’m quite liking the morning drive to Canterbury. Just as I got to work my phone bleeped - a text from “Daddy’s Little Angel TM. “My Boy TMwould seem to still be holding her responsible for his missing trousers. I must admit I’m getting sick and tired hearing about his missing trousers. If it is so much of an issue I shall take him trouser shopping at the weekend.

Work was OK, and then home for a crafty pint in the Locomotive. One of my colleagues from work updated me with all the rumours about me. The rumours are wrong: which is actually a shame. And after a beer or two I forgot that Jason was coming round to collect the posters from the astro club’s display at Challock Goose Fair this weekend. He called whilst I was in the shower, and  was rather surprised when I answered the door wearing a towel and a smile.

And did you know that Star Trek is forty five years old today. Would you believe it?

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