14 September 2011 (Wednesday) - New Sledge

It’s something of an anniversary today – I’ve been working in blood tests for thirty years today. Under other circumstances I would have made something of the day, but being only on my second week of my secondment, I thought I’d keep quiet.
Work was not the same as ever today – it was a vast improvement over how it has been in the past, and this evening I came home via the shortcut I learned about last Friday. That did shave a few minutes off of my journey, but (flushed with success) I then tried another shortcut round Mystole. Short cut – pah!. It started off reasonably enough. Whilst it didn’t actually become a dirt track at any point, I could definitely hear the duelling banjos. I shan’t take that route again.

Yesterday I went into Halfords to get the fascia fitted to my car radio, and I saw they had sledges in stock. I went home, and regretted not buying one, so this evening I popped back. I can remember the last but one time when it snowed; you couldn’t get sledges for love nor money. And the last time it snowed, sledges were over fifty pounds for cheap and nasty rubbish ones. Halfords are currently knocking out rather decent sledges for fifteen quid. Having bought one, it probably won’t snow for ten years, but here’s hoping.

Meanwhile science has found an extra-solar planet which isn’t entirely unlike Earth, and which has liquid water.
It’s a sad indictment of our society that this is seen by the media as (at best) a bit of a joke: if you call up Google News, the science section is all about the latest computer games and the most modern mobile phone. So to make up for that inadequacy, let’s have something else from our friend science.
I don’t like wasps, but something that winds me up far more than wasps are people who go into hysterical fits and start panicked screaming whenever a wasp is within ten miles of them. Science has found that the fuss made by such people actually attracts more wasps. If you really don’t like wasps, keep still and keep your trap shut. Because having a major stressy does nothing but call over more wasps.
And why am I mentioning wasps in autumn? Because science says the warm autumn will give an extra lease of life to the buzzing little fellows…

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