15 September 2011 (Thursday) - On The Beer

I popped into Asda on the way to work this morning. I go to Asda because it’s convenient: it’s on the way. But I have to wonder if they want my custom. The staff are very friendly and helpful once you get to the store, but it’s the car park. Most of the car spaces are blocked up by all the supermarket trollies which are scattered all over the place. I had to stop the car, get out, and move all the trollies so’s I could actually have a parking space. What’s that all about?

Here’s something which struck a chord. The Dunning-Kruger effect is a recognised, measurable phenomenon. It describes how truly stupid people not only fail to recognise their own stupidity, but also are unable to recognise when others know better than they do.
Along the same lines is the Downing effect in which dumb-asses and men overestimate their I.Q. scores, whilst geniuses and women underestimate theirs.
I’m sure I have no reason to mention this… Perhaps I’d better stop this train of thought – least said, soonest mended.

Meanwhile in Doncaster some delightful fellow has got into the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s largest collection of Daleks. Personally I would have thought that the world’s largest collection of Daleks would have had more than 571: I suspect that record won’t last long once serious collectors hear about it. For myself, I quite fancy having a crack at the world record fry-up.

This evening was the (Ashford) works booze-up. We went to the Phoenix’s curry night. Very good – I would certainly go again; if only for the mild on the hand pump. A mild – in September!!! There are one or two photos on-line….

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