2 September 2011 (Friday) - At The Cinema

The problem with having a new computer is that it does take a while to get it just how you want it. And over the years I’ve lost several CDs of programs that I really shouldn’t have lost. One of them was the FTP software. For the less-techie of my loyal readers, FTP software is what I use to back up my blog to its mirror site, and also to publish websites; something I don’t do as often as I used to. Basically it moves files from one computer to another via the Internet.
With a little rummaging round the Internet I found Coffee Cup FTP. Billed as “a simplified, intuitive, and best of all free FTP client” I wasted over an hour on it before I realised it would only move my files to its manufacturer’s web space. Eventually I found what I needed – but on downloading it and using it I found out that all I had was a free trial. They will want paying eventually.
Why is it I resent paying for computer-related things? If I buy a tent or a telescope, I’m happy to pay for it. But anything on-line I rather expect to be free.

And then on with fiddling about with my presentation for the South East Kent Astronomical Society, which is only eight days away. I’m terrified! I’ve given talks to our own astro club. About a dozen. But they are talks to our own club: everyone there knows me. They know I’m the harmless, amiable bloke what does the raffle and shouts “ANUS!” whenever the seventh planet from the sun is mentioned. I must admit I’m more than a tad nervous about talking to SEKAS – I’ve been on their website and their Facebook group: they are “proper” astronomers! But then, I was rather nervous about talking to the Wadhurst group, and they turned out to be really good people. I shall hope for the best.

I then wasted the rest of the day playing “Worms” whilst waiting for the phone to ring. It did eventually. I might blog about that phone call at some point (he wrote mysteriously!).

This evening I went to the cinema: I haven’t been there for ages. In the past I’ve mentioned that I don’t like the cinema. Because I’m lumped in with the Great Unwashed, all burping and farting. Because I have to sit through interminable adverts before the film actually starts. Because I get uncomfortable sitting still for any length of time. But tonight was different – the cinema was mostly empty; the adverts only went on for twenty minutes and were actually quite good, and being a short film didn’t leave me enough time to get fidgety.
Apollo 18 was a really good film. The premise was that a whole load of film footage from a secret Apollo mission had been found, and that the film was made from that footage. In retrospect the film would have worked better if it had featured unknown actors, but I liked it. I thought it was really good.
And after recently writing countless blog entries running down recent sci-fi offerings, I’m pleased to have found something worth watching….

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