22 September 2011 (Thursday) - Walkies

There was quite an interesting episode in Asda this morning. As I walked in to get lunch, it was clear that one of the operatives was getting a dressing-down from his boss. I walked into the store just as the arse-kicking was ending. The chap who’d been reprimanded then walked alongside me, muttering as he went. I was hoping he’d turn off somewhere, but he matched me pace for pace all the way to the fruit and veg aisle where he stormed up to another member of staff and started aggressively shouting at him. It would seem that this second chap had squealed to the bosses about the first chap’s slowness and general incompetence.
The recipient of the arse-kicking was not happy, and as he shouted at the squealer, he emphasised every word with a thump on the squealer’s chest.
I did have plans to spend some time looking for some fruit which might be a bit more adventurous than my usual apple and banana, but in the event I couldn’t get away quickly enough.

I had a phone call at work today. Having sent out the results of my blood test a fortnight ago (!), my quack phoned today to tell me that my cholesterol level was borderline high. That would come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever seen me. The quack suggested that I go back to see her (which is much easier said than done) and get my blood pressure checked. Then, knowing both my blood pressure and my cholesterol level, the quack will know what medicine to prescribe to lower my cholesterol level.
It strikes me that the obvious medicine would be a lot less chips, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that….

Home – and more exercise. ‘er indoors TM  had suggested we had a walk round the park this evening. And what’s the point of having a grand-dog if you can’t take him for walkies every so often. So we popped round for Fudge and took him on a stroll round the park.
It has to be said that Fudge hasn’t quite got the hang of walking to heel: he is still a tad excitable. For some reason he behaves far better when ‘er indoors TM is walking him than when it’s me on the business end of the lead. And there’s no denying I wouldn’t dare let him off the lead.
There was a dodgy five minutes when Fudge fudged, but in this enlightened era we were equipped with poop bags. We had a minor squabble as to who got to do the poop picking, and I lost.
But we got a good walk in – and the Internet tells me that on that walk I shifted 269 calories. Basically about the calorie content of the sandwich I had for lunch.

My cousin mentioned the other day that she was joining the twenty-first century and getting a Sky-Plus box. She asked me if I had any hints or tips about using the thing. I told her that it was a brilliant toy because you can record programs on it, and then when you watch them later, you can fast-forward through the adverts. She thought this was amazing, As did I.
It’s only just occurred to me that I had the technology to do this over twenty five years ago. The machine I used was a video cassette recorder, or VCR.
Do you remember them? -  They were all the rage, but with the advent of DVDs, VCRs fell out of fashion. And as they went, so did people’s ability to record programs off of the telly.
On reflection it’s amazing that people are seeing the recording ability of a Sky-Plus box as being something revolutionary. It’s no such thing. It’s a reinvention of something which is older than my children.

Mind you, something which was never a problem with the first generation of recording stuff off of the telly was the etiquette of talking about telly programs. Back in the day it was expected that telly programs were watched when broadcast, and so were fair game as topics of conversation. Nowadays with Sky-Plus it would seem that everyone Sky-Pluses everything. No one watches the telly as it is broadcast any more. An innocent comment of “did you see on the telly last night….” is usually immediately met with shushing from an assembled throng who have recorded said program to watch at some indeterminate date in the future.
So how long can one reasonably give family and friends to watch a TV program before making comment on it? What is a reasonable length of time to wait?

Five days ago we recorded “Doctor Who”: we watched it yesterday I liked it. The first part of this season was decidedly iffy, but these latest episodes are really good. And then we watched Downton Abbey tonight – I liked that too. What happened was… 

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