7 July 2010 (Wednesday) - All Packed Up

I took some doughnuts in to work today. People like them, and so do I. I thought I’d celebrate the start of a long weekend. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for some time.

My plan for the evening was to get the old sleeping bags out of the loft and give them to who I’d promised them to, and I’d then do some serious slobbing about. I’d intended to leave the rest of the lugging the camping gear about until tomorrow. But seeing how the most recent fruit of my loin was home, I thought I’d get her to help me with the two heaviest bits of camping gear. She started carrying out some camping chairs, one thing lead to another, and within half an hour we’d packed ninety per cent of the camping stuff into the car. All that remains to be loaded is some of the kitchen equipment and my personal effects. In fact it’s fair to say that were it possible, I could have been setting up camp at 8pm this evening.

Meanwhile a good friend is doing a sponsored go-kart race. If anyone is feeling generous, you can find out more here. And then as my beloved went out flogging candles, I was left home alone, so I found a dangerous looking sword in NeverWinter…

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