27 July 2010 (Tuesday) - Stuff

I was rather amazed by the news this morning. According to the Internet (so it must be true) four out of every ten people who voted for the Dribbling Democraps at the last election wouldn’t have done so, had they known that the Dribs were going to roll over and suck up to the Con-servatives. What amazes me is that clearly by implication six out of ten such voters are happy with this sad state of affairs. All of which proves that (as always) I am in the minority. I should be used to it by now. And I should stop whinging about the coalition government, even if it would seem I was tricked into voting for it (going to lie down now…)

On a lighter note, the villagers of one Dribbling Democrap constituency have clubbed together to buy a new sign for their village. Made of stone and weighing a ton and a half, it is thought unlikely that the villagers of Shitterton will have this village sign stolen by the simple minded idiots who think the name amusing and have made off with countless village signs in the past. I wonder if I could get that stone in the back of my Scenic?

Off to work – dull, so dull. And seeing I was owed some time for going in during the night last week, I came home early. Via the fishing tackle shop. Last week whilst getting some bait I saw a nice rod (at a rather reasonable price) in their second hand section. Today I went back for it. I really needed to replace my reels too, but can’t find any second hand ones. The cheapest in the shop were twenty quid. I wondered if eBay had anything, and after five minutes I ordered up the same thing I saw in the shop for twelve quid cheaper on-line (including postage!)

And whilst wandering to the fish pond this evening I saw several ants swarming around a paving stone. When I lifted the thing I saw we’ve got an ant nest under the stone. I see a trip to B&Q for ant powder in the morning....

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