28 July 2010 (Wednesday) - Broken Pots

Up with the lark, and an hour and a half’s ironing before brekkie. Not that I wanted to, but if a job’s worth doing, do it yourself (!) And then to B&Q for ant powder. Interestingly B&Q are now selling off all their tents as “clearance”. It seems a bit early in the year to be getting rid of the camping gear. I expect they want the shelf space for Xmas decorations.

Work was dull, and then home to apply the ant powder, and to muck out the fish pond filter, A week or so ago I replaced the entire innards of the fish pond filter. The new funky shaped plastic wotsits have started to shred the filter pads. They will (hopefully) last for a month or so, but I’ll need to get a different set of entire innards for the fish pond filter before too much longer.

And then to arky-ologee club, where Mossop (our resident Riddler) had brought along a Tiddler. We started off by looking at a bank of earth on the side of a footpath, and then were asked our expert opinion on said bit of soil: was it medieval? I neither knew nor cared. We then walked across a ploughed field and looked for artefacts of interest. I found an interesting object – a red pot rim; possibly Samian (Roman) from the second or third century. Or possibly a broken flower pot from a few years ago. No one could tell the difference. And to be honest, is there a difference? A broken pot is a broken pot, no matter how old.

And then back to the fit bird’s house to have a look at her chapel. Built some time in the past few hundred years and having been re-built several times, she’s keen to find out more of the history of the thing. By this stage I was just keen to get home again…

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