29 July 2010 (Thursday) - Dull

Again I was up with the lark, and did an hour and a half’s ironing before brekkie. Shirts this time: you have to iron those properly. And then to the back garden to feed the fish and then to squirt some more ant powder. I saw the pond has lost six inches of water where the filter was leaking yesterday: I’ll top that up at the weekend.

To work, which was dull, and then home, a quick bit of tea, and spent a few minutes adding obscure music videos to my Facebook page. Then I hid in NeverWinter whilst ‘er indoors TM flogged candles to a gaggle of her mates in the living room. There was a rumour of the Anne Summers rep putting in an appearance, but I wasn’t brave enough to go sniffing.

And that was it for today. Rather dull. I shall console myself with the reflection that a lot of the normal people lead entire lives which are this dreary….

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