12 July 2010 (Monday) - Home Again

If I had to choose the one thing I detest most about camping, it would be being inside a tent listening to the sound of rain. I woke at 5.30am to the sound of rain. And I lay in my sleeping bag with a heavy heart listening to the rain getting heavier. I eventually got up at 7am, decided against a shower, and got on with the packing. We made good progress, despite the weather. After all, there’s always rain at some point at Brighton Kite Festival.

Pausing only briefly for a spot of brekkie we made good progress with breaking camp. There was a minor hiccup when I saw clouds of smoke pouring from a bush up the hill from us: some twit must have emptied their barby into the undergrowth yesterday, and having smouldered overnight, the thing was ready to burst into flames this morning. Fortunately we had water to spare, and so I was able to put the fire out.

The rain did ease off during the morning, and by judiciously reversing my car into “Brown and Smelly” we got most of the gear away dry. But by 10.30am we decided that we were going to have to resign ourselves to having to take the tents home wet. We could have stayed for a few more hours and hoped that they would dry out. But the rain might have come back. So we took the things down wet.

Home to unpack, where “My Boy TM was in high spirits; his photo has been used on the website of where he holidayed a few weeks ago. I knew he was in a good mood because he helped me unpack the car. And before too long stuff was unpacked, and back into sheds and lock-ups. “Green and Smelly” (our turdis) was been dried, as has my new tent, and Tony’s tent, and my provisional plan is to get “Brown and Smelly” (our communal tent) dried tomorrow. Once dried I shall struggle to be able to fold it away in the limited space in my back garden, but I expect I shall manage somehow.

And so, as I sit, aching from the exertions of unpacking, and with my sunburned face glowing, I find myself reflecting on the weekend’s kite festival. This was the eighth time I’ve been to Brighton Kite Festival. I loved it; roll on the next one!!

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