1 July 2010 (Thursday) - Still Dull....

Shopping. How dull. I suppose in retrospect it was rather obvious that Asda didn’t sell Tesco’s own brand shaving gel. I had to go to Tesco to get that. Also Asda don’t do big bags of Alpen. Tesco do, though. I also got an air pump from Tesco – after all these years I’ve finally got my own pump to inflate my beloved’s air bed when we are camping, rather than puffing into the thing for over half an hour. I had planned to get a bag of Tesco’s cheap tent pegs which I’ve seen there so many times over the last few months. But when I went to buy them, they’d sold out.

As I drove to work I listened to the radio. I know I shouldn’t – it only winds me up. As far as I am concerned, the so-called recession is officially over, and the country is back to being rolling in cash. How else could we afford to have an official poet at the Wimbledon tennis championships?

Home to find someone had tried to deliver a parcel. Not for me; I’m not expecting anything. But if I was, I’d tell them to take it back to the sender. Rather than using Royal Mail, the sender had used DHL, who have left a note saying I can collect the parcel from their office which is some thirty miles away. Stuff that!

SightSavers phoned, and it was very obvious that Alexandra was reading from a script. She tried to be very knowledgeable about tropical blindness, but failed. She asked if I would increase my monthly donation to them by the small amount of fourteen quid. That’s not “to” fourteen quid; that’s fourteen quid on top of what I already shell out. I wasn’t keen, so she tried Plan B. She got out the script on liver flukes, totally failed to pronounce the big medical words in said script, and then asked if I would be happy to pay a greatly reduced increase in my contribution. I wondered how much “greatly reduced” would be. She said eleven quid more a month rather than fourteen. In the end I agreed to increase my payment to a total of a tenner a month, and everyone was happy.

Or that is, everyone was happy until she announced that whilst SightSavers thinks that I am wonderful and that they can only stay in business because of my generosity, she said she was obliged to tell me that worked for a company employed by SightSavers, and she gets 30p for every successful phone call she makes. I wonder how much she donates to charities….

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