21 July 2010 (Wednesday) - Mozzie Bites

I didn’t sleep well last night – and spent most of the day in some discomfort. I’d been rather savaged by mosquitoes yesterday evening, and the bites were itching somewhat all day long. I’ve never noticed mozzies in the back garden before. At first I wondered if the water features were attracting them, but on reflection mozzies like still water – moving water is no good for them because they drown. I wonder where they all came from? Mosquitoes take up a not insignificant part of the lectures I have given on malaria; droning on about the beasts is one thing, being on the receiving end is quite another. And (a little known fact) did you know that it is only the female mozzies that bite you? I’d rather get fanged off of a dog – at least you can see one of those things coming.

A late shift today, so whilst the washing machine did its thing with my smalls I checked my emails. Regular readers may recall that on Monday I emailed eBay complaining about my being constantly harassed by someone to whom I gave a neutral feedback. eBay told me that my being bombarded with emails didn’t constitute abuse of their email forwarding system, and I so queried this with them. They replied this morning to say that they were looking into the matter, but went on to say “member privacy is one of our top priorities, so we won't be able to update you about the results of this investigation”. So they are clearly not planning to do much. They have, however, given me their postal address so that I could (if I wanted) instruct a solicitor to contact them for more information so that I could pursue my complaint against the eBay seller “fun360” through the civil courts. Interestingly eBay UK is based in Luxembourg. I didn’t know that.

To Tesco’s to pick up some lunch. Whilst at it I got some armpit-squirt, peanut butter, and various other bits of shopping including a pair of trousers for work. The trousers were priced at twenty quid. Imagine my surprise when I came to pay, and the checkout girl asked for £11.32. I kept quiet, handed over what she asked for, and made a quick getaway.

I could do with more bargains like that….

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