15 July 2010 (Thursday) - Little Bit of Politics

I might have mentioned the election in a previous blog entry….

Vote for us” said the Dribbling Democraps. “We’ll give a free university education to anyone”. On the strength of that, a lot of people with vested interests in reducing costs of university educations voted for them. And once the votes were counted, principles were dropped and integrity was firmly thrown straight out of the window. And so it’s a different story in today’s news. “Pay up, dogbreath students” is now the party policy.

But it’s not just the dribblers who are not to be trusted. The Con-servatives are no better, if their new MP representing the town of my birth is anything to go by. In her first speech in parliament she rattled on about how the town of Hastings needs better road and rail connections with the rest of the universe. Yesterday she was interviewed on Radio 4’s pm program. When asked why she was asking for a massive investment in public transport which was in direct conflict with her government’s policy, she was very quick to point out that she was a Con-servative, and the Government wasn’t hers, but was a coalition.

This morning’s news tells how during the last year (under a government of the only party who didn’t abandon its principles to grasp power) the nation’s crime rate fell to the lowest in thirty years. And the same news also related the frankly unbelievable tale of the Con-servative Home Secretary rubbishing the official figures. As a party who claimed it was going to be strong on crime, the Con-servatives (and associated dribbling puppets) presumably wanted to start their tenure from a high crime rate?

I know – I shouldn’t keep up with current affairs. It only winds me up. So some news on a lighter note. Workmen painting white lines on a road left a gap for a dead badger because they said it was not their responsibility to move it. The local council’s response was that this was an entirely appropriate thing to do because the person doing the painting of the lines was not trained in the highly skilled art of kicking the carcass of a dead badger out of the way. And who runs this council? – yes the Con-servatives.

I’m going to lie down now…..

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