8 April 2010 (Thursday) - More of the Same

There’s nothing like a bit of racism to stir up the votes when an election is in the offing, and the Prime Minister is under fire because apparently during the tenure of the government, 97% of all new jobs have gone to immigrant workers. The figure might be true, it might not. Either way it will cause discontent and swing some voters one way or the other. All I have to offer on the subject is a question based on my own experiences. Given that one has a job vacancy (or lots of them) which has been advertised nationally on several occasions and not a single UK resident applies, how should one then proceed?

Meanwhile matters of actual importance – animals that live without oxygen and the discovery of a missing link in human evolution have gone unnoticed.

I came home to find I’ve had an email from Jesus. That was nice. It had an attachment which my anti-virus didn’t like, so I suspect it wasn’t the real Jesus.

Su Wu also emailed me – she was offering “hotter in bed with ease”. However, the way my back’s been lately, I suspect she’ll be disappointed. I didn’t even bother with the scamming emails trying to tell me I was entitled to a tax refund.

But I did get the email about my having a postal vote for the election. Despite still not having the faintest idea who I’m going to vote for, I’ve applied for a postal vote. If only to see how the thing works.

And then the roofing man came round. He brought some kiddies who helped me feed the Koi, and then he had a look at the roof and said he’ll be in touch soon to come and do the job. On the one hand I feel quite relieved that one problem looks solvable, on the other hand, the Sky Plus box is playing up…

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  1. I hope you had a good look at his credentials (oh matron) we don't want any more "unnecessaryness".