23 April 2010 (Friday) - St George's Day

I didn’t sleep well last night – the letter about Renault’s new car deal was preying on my mind for some reason. I phoned Renault this morning to ask how it worked. Effectively they say they will buy my car off me for how much I still owe on the loan, and then sell me a new(er) car. And because of the interest rates being a lot lower these days than when I bought the car, the monthly repayments on the loan for the new car will be less than what I’m currently paying.

I then spoke to the loan people. So long as the garage offers me five grand for my car, I shall be laughing. Having done a bit of research on-line, I think that figure might be a bit optimistic, but we shall see. I’ve booked an appointment with them tomorrow afternoon.

After mucking about with a very laborious automated switchboard, I asked the council about the ballot card I received yesterday. I eventually got through to someone who assured me the paperwork for my postal vote will be with me tomorrow. I’m quite excited about having a postal vote, even though I’m still not sure who to vote for. I’ve half a mind to just draw a picture of a knob on the ballot form and send that in.

My children are decided on their political stances though. One is voting “Send them all back on the next banana boat”, the other is voting “Tree Hugger”. Oh well, as I’ve mentioned before, the vote in Ashford is a foregone conclusion anyway.

I then called into the post office to collect the parcel. It wasn’t my eBay bargain after all – it was a letter for Daddies Little Angel TM ”, who now owes me £1.19 for the extra postage I had to pay. And again the post office didn’t ask for any proof if identity before giving me the letter. They never so when I have my passport with me. But when I leave my wallet at home, they always insist on seeing I.D.

Whilst I was in the area I thought I’d have a mooch in Kent Wool Growers to see if they did guinea pig food. They did, but before I could look closely a passing normal person started haranguing me about tack. I told him I didn’t work in the shop, but he wasn’t having any of it, so I beat a hasty retreat.

Seeing as I might be selling the car tomorrow I took it to be cleaned. It’s now sparkling inside and out. And then I popped into Tesco to get some doughnuts for work. After all it is St. George’s Day, so I thought I’d treat everyone.

Maybe half the people I spoke with today knew it was St. George’s Day. Several stared at me blankly, clearly with no idea what I was talking about. And one person commented that she liked St George’s Day because that’s when everyone drinks Guinness…

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  1. According to research, about 1 in 5 don't know when St George's day is, and a fair amount of those don't know who St George is.