29 April 2010 (Thursday) - This and That

When not on an 11.30am start I always get to work far too early. There are all sorts of reasons for this. Avoiding the rush hour traffic is one, getting a parking space within fifteen minutes walk of the hospital is another, as is getting a few minutes peace and quiet to read a book before the day starts. And being in at work early has the advantage that should the person rostered to be in early not turn up for whatever reason, I am there already, can step into the breach, and so can go home early. Which is what happened today.

We had an interesting and intellectual discussion at work on the subject of who is the lamest super-hero. Despite the utter rubbish-ness of Elastic-Man, the Green Hornet and all of the X-Men, the title of lamest super-hero went to Matter Eater Lad – a particularly useless hero whose sole super talent is to eat everything and anything. One can only hope that Matter Eater Lad has solved the problem of chronic flatulence.

I then phoned the garage – which took some doing. All is well with my new car, but it occurred to me that with the switchover of TV and radio broadcasting to digital format in two years time, perhaps I should be considering a digital car radio. The garage said not to worry – they have had no direction from Renault about digital radios whatsoever. Further research on the internet would seem to show I needn’t worry. I’ve got until 2020 to get a digital radio in my car. Hopefully that will be several new cars down the line.

And then home – I mucked out the pond filter. It didn’t actually need doing. Or that is, it hadn’t started leaking yet. Every other time I’ve cleaned it out this year was because it was leaking, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to be pro-active. Hurt – no. Smell of fish poo – yes. But you can’t have everything.

And then I had a look in my letter rack. The leccie company had sent me a letter. I get my leccie and gas from them, and because I get both, I get a discount. Or that is I used to get a discount. They have a new system, and my details differ between the two accounts. Unless I phoned them immediately to tell them to make the accounts have the same details they were going to discontinue my discount.

So I phoned them, and asked them if they thought (as I did) that their writing to me to tell me to tell them to correct their own error was a bit dumb. The chap on the phone was helpful (being able to speak English helped, and was a novel development for a call centre), and he said that whilst their new system is good and has cost millions of pounds, apparently they cannot change my details on their system without my permission. Even if they’ve typed them in wrongly themselves.

All’s well now, but I resent wasting my precious time on drivel like this. Which is odd – it’s taken me twice as long to type up what happened, and I don’t mind that at all…

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