15 April 2010 (Thursday) - Stuff

Being on a late start again, I had planned to do all sorts of things this morning, including…. Well, I don’t know what I had in mind. Last night I had a mental list of things I needed to do, and I can remember it being a rather long list. I thought about writing it down, and decided against doing so, because what I needed to do was so obvious. But this morning my mind was a blank. All I could remember was that I had a long list of stuff last night.

So with nothing better to do (that I could recall) I decided to watch “V” that I’d recorded onto the Sky Plus last night, but “Daddies Little Angel TM ” had things to watch, so I was left to my own devices. We spent a few minutes wrestling the Sky Anytime into action. I’ve never used it before – I wonder if it’s free. I hope so.

Last week I commented that the “change oil soon” alarm had come up on my car. Today I arranged to have the thing serviced and MOT-ed in a couple of week’s time. Arranging it was painless – I suspect paying for it won’t be.

Talking of paying for things, the insurance cheque (for the damage caused by our leak) came today. I’d better bank that. Having had a leak, I’m now wondering if I ought to re-felt the flat roof over the top of the bathroom. It doesn’t seem to be leaking at the moment, but maybe preventing a problem might be better than curing it?

I finished work at 8pm, and together with ‘er indoors TM , I went to Toys R Us in Chatham to get her a new bike, as the old one would seem to have been co-opted by “Daddies Little Angel TM ”. We got a new bike, and also a headache. The too loud in-store music was competing with the din from the Play Station games to make pure unadulterated noise.

I know someone who works for that firm – I shall have a word, because much as I like their shops, I certainly will not shop there again with that volume of racket going on.

And as the weather gets a tad colder, spare a thought for those camping out in East Anglia this weekend. The Kelling Heath Star Party is an annual event in which people from all over the UK camp out, and sleep during the day time so’s that at night they can see the UK’s darkest skies and photograph all sorts of astronomical objects to their heart’s content.

Much as I’m into astronomy, I can’t see the attraction of travelling hundreds of miles to shiver to get a photograph which (it has to be said) won’t come close to something you could call up instantly on Google images.

I suppose that, like all hobbies, it’s something inexplicable – you love it or you don’t. Me – I’ll let the Hubble Space telescope do the photography…


  1. I agree with you matey, travelling hundreds of miles to freeze yout nuts off is a bit bonkers, but each to thier own.
    viewing stuff on anytime is free unless it was braodcast on an unsubscribed channel, then you have to get the package that inludes that channel.
    ta ta

  2. apologies for the spelling error, it was supposed to say "your" nuts off!
    I must have a word with the keyboard gremlins!

  3. Sky Anytime is free