25 April 2010 (Sunday) - Cycling to Aldington

Last night just as I was getting really cross in NeverWinter the phone rang. Work’s I.T. had gone west and the chap who was on duty couldn’t remember how to rig the apparatus to back-up mode. It was one of those things that I don’t do very often, and it would have been quicker for me to show him face to face rather than tell him over the phone, so at 11.15pm I was on my way to work. A bit of mucking about, and I was back home by 12.45am and asleep by 1am.

At 2.30am I was woken byMy Boy TMcoming home quietly. He’d been on the razzle with some mates in Maidstone to celebrate a birthday. Their plan was to go to a tasteful establishment where refined young ladies get their kit off for the titillation of young gentlemen. But having been to a “wiiiiine bar” where the cost of a round of drinks was weighed rather than counted, they found had no money left to spend on flaunting floozies. Which was probably for the best.

With a few minutes spare this morning, I figured out how to take the roof rack off of the car. It was quite simple to do – I shan’t leave the racks on the new car when I’m not using the top box. If for no other reason than that the colour would be wrong.

Despite the drizzle we got the bikes out, and the weather soon perked up. Seven of us cycled to Aldington to the Good Intent, which is a semi- regular destination when out cycling. Four well kept ales on the hand pumps, good food and friendly service. Cycling on a Sunday was a change from usual, and in retrospect a starter followed by a roast dinner probably wasn’t the best of ideas when one has to cycle home again. So we broke up the journey home by calling in at the Queen’s Head for a pint of Summer Lightning.

We were home relatively early, so whilst the guinea pigs ate the dandelions I topped up the pond, emptied the car of all sorts of tat and fell asleep for half an hour before mowing the lawn. I was told the lawn didn’t need mowing, but the trick to keeping a lawn looking like it doesn’t need mowing is to keep mowing it regularly. I still haven’t got the fascia boards painted. Maybe in the week at some time….
And now I really ache….

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