13 April 2010 (Tuesday) Fish and Chip

As children at school, we all learn of Brownian motion (named after the Scottish botanist Robert Brown): the seemingly random movement of particles suspended in a fluid. The motion of dust seen in sunlight is a good example of Brownian motion. As is the walking style of most of humanity. Oh I get so wound up….

The next time you are out in public, just watch the normal people. Not one is looking where they are going: they all just blunder along, bouncing off of walls, parked cars and each other. Every time I’m in a hurry, the world is awash with these people; pootling along, walking into all and sundry without a care in the world. If people had to take walking tests in the same way they do driving tests, I am sure that 99% of the human race would be grounded.

Something else which wound me up today was an employment tribunal which was called to rule on a case of unlawful sexual and racial discrimination. A single mother has successfully sued the Army. Personally I’m under the impression that soldiers are ready to defend Queen and country whenever and wherever required. And those with families are able to leave their families behind to go soldiering. The Army has gone on record taking the line that they are "unsuitable for a single mother who couldn't sort out her childcare arrangements". Personally I tend to agree. I wouldn’t dream of dragging my children into work in a hospital, much less a battlefield. But as always I am in a minority.

Having been given the heave-ho , a young mother has gone to an employment tribunal, and the tribunal has found in favour of this single mother, who cannot fulfil her military duties because of the need to look after her kiddy. Said tribunal is now deliberating how much money she should be given in compensation.

How about “none at all”, and charging her for wasting the Army’s time?

And then the Koi smiled to have their photos taken. But I think it’s probably fair to say they were more interested in the food than the camera….

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