5 April 2010 (Easter Monday) - Lazy Day

Up early to waste some time in NeverWinter before the in-laws visited. It’s years since they’ve been over – in the meantime one way street systems have been introduced, to say nothing of the bollards blocking our road to all but emergency vehicles. We had a phone call to say they were on the wrong side of the bollards, and it took them twenty minutes to navigate a course round. It was good to see the relatives, and I spent an hour or so in the garden supervising nephews playing “kiss chase for fish”; a strange game which involves running up and down the garden a lot.

They left sooner than expected, and I was tempted to go to the Pheasant’s family fun afternoon, but knowing what I’m like, I wouldn’t have got out of the pub for less than thirty quid. Perhaps we should have visited the Kite Weekenders who were having a long weekend at Brenzett, but it was quite cold this afternoon. Having had quite an eventful Easter so far, I decided a peaceful afternoon wouldn’t be such a bad thing. So I dozed in front of SpongeBob, Tom Baker & Cybermen, and Fagin and the Artful Dodger. After a bit of tea we then watched Star Trek and Holiday on the Buses.

I don’t often watch the telly. Today I reminded myself why…

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