18 April 2010 (Sunday) - This n That

Whilst having a spot of brekky I noticed that Gary Mark had commented on something I’d put on Facebook. Gary Who? Yes – I thought that. I’ve some friends in common with him – his website is interesting. I’m sure he’s a decent chap. But I have no idea who he is.

I have Facebook set so’s that only people on my friends list can comment on what I post. I had a look at my friends list today – there are thirteen people on it that I don’t know. Who are these people? How do they get on my list?

The plan for the day was kite flying with the Friends of Kings Wood. We arrived to find very little (if any) wind, but we thought we’d give it a go anyway. Until we saw the flying area. The kite flying was to take place on an area of heathland which has obviously only recently been cleared of brambles. I say “cleared” – had it actually been cleared of brambles I might have been inclined to have persevered despite the low wind. In fact the brambles had been hacked back, and then left lying about on the ground. Any kite landing anywhere in the designated flying area would have been ripped to ribbons. The Kent Kite Fliers were there, and after exchanging pleasantries, we left them to it. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to fly a kite when it is patently obvious that there isn’t enough wind to do so, and knowing there is nowhere safe to land the kite if you do get it airborne.

We gave up, and went for a mooch round Ashford instead, and then came home. I mowed the lawn and then had this idea to paint the front of the house. I spent half an hour looking for my wire brush, but couldn’t find it. I made do with a plastic one instead. Having scraped down the paintwork I opened the tin of masonry paint. A few months ago I had naively assumed it would not be a problem to leave the paint tin outside over the winter. I was wrong. Somehow the tin had filled to the brim with rain water, leaving the paint useless.

So I fed the fish. They are slowly getting used to the new brand of fish food. Which is probably for the best – I’m not getting them the expensive stuff again. Whilst feeding them I noticed that the clean water wasn’t gushing out of the filter with its usual vigour. That was because water was leaking out of the top – the thing had blocked up again. There’s no denying that with the finer filter mesh the pond is certainly clearer than it has been in previous years. However, it’s only eleven days since I last cleaned the thing out.

Pausing only to put ‘er indoors TM best coat in the washing machine (I have no idea how it got covered in fish poo) I then spent the rest of the afternoon asleep in front of the computer.

After tea with the house to myself I sat down to watch the re-make of the sc-fi classic – “V” which is currently airing in the SyFy channel. One has to totally ignore the premise on which the entire program is based: namely that the aliens are reptiles disguised as humans for no adequately explained reason. After all, given the level of technology the aliens have in the show, why do they need to gain humanity’s confidence in any way? Clearly they could just ride roughshod over any objections and do what they want, but if you forget about this minor plot hole, it’s not bad. I’ve seen the first two episodes and despite having “Wash” from Firefly as an alien, and a Cyclon as possibly an alien, I quite like the series so far. I’m hoping it will turn out to be better than “Caprica” – I’ve given up bothering with that…

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