31 October 2017 (Tuesday) - New Pants

I slept reasonably well; I was woken shortly before 7am by the puppy dabbing at my arm; she was awake and wanted to play. Over brekkie I had a look at the Internet. It was pretty much as I’d left it last night, but Amazon had emailed me suggesting I might like to buy stuff that I had already bought from them.
As I scoffed my toast the puppy was dragging the old ironing board cover about. I couldn’t help but wonder where she’d got that from; didn’t I throw it away a couple of days ago? But the puppy looked very pleased with herself for having found it.

The plan for today had been to drive down to the beach at Winchelsea to go look for seals (my cousin had spotted one there last week) but "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" was poorly. With "er indoors TM" at work and "My Boy TM" at a funeral I found myself at something of a loose end. So me and the dogs scrounged a lift with "er indoors TM" half way to her work, and we walked home (via two geocaches). We came home through the park where the dogs wanted to play in the river. I persuaded them not to.
As we came through the Chinese garden there was some musclebound thug shouting the f-word into his mobile phone whilst waiting for his Rottweiler to finish crapping by the children’s play area. I thought about offering him one of the many poo bags that I carry round with me, but decided that he might not accept the offer with good grace.

With the walk done I settled the dogs then went on a little shopping trip. Realising that tonight was Halloween and that the etiquette is kiddies don’t come trick-or-treating unless you have a pumpkin outside the house, I thought I’d better get a pumpkin. None of the local shops had one, nor did Asda, Tesco, or the co-op. Perhaps I’d left it too late?
Still, to console myself I bought some new pants in Tesco. I hope they will fit; I didn’t like to ask to try them on.

I came home and ran around with the Hoover (not blocking it this time), then spent the afternoon ironing. As I ironed I watched a fil on Netflix. “Jupiter Ascending” was a film I’d been looking forward to for some time; it was utter rubbish. The secret of half-way decent sci-fi is to base it on something which is plausible, if not actually scientifically correct. “Jupiter Ascending” was just nonsensical.

I then spent a little while looking at the Internet. Just out of interest I Googled the chap who stuffed up our loft conversion all those years ago. He’s still in business. I then messed about struggling with geo-puzzles until "er indoors TM" came home and boiled up some dinner.

We then went round to Matt’s for the Tuesday gathering. Matt had excelled himself and had put on a rather good spread. We scoffed ourselves silly whilst watching the latest episode of “Star Trek: Discovery”. I quite like the show… because it is Star Trek. But (with two exceptions) I’m not really warming to any of the characters in it yet…

And Matt handed over my advent calendar…

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