18 October 2017 (Wednesday) - This n That

As winter draws closer the mornings are getting darker. I don’t like having to get out of my pit whilst it is still dark outside. I got up to find both dogs curled up together on the bed. They both looked at me, then went back to sleep.
I came downstairs and watched an episode of “Red Dwarf” on Netflix, then had a look at the Internet. I had a little look on Facebook. Last night I suggested going to Dover Beer Festival in February. This morning it would seem to have got some support. We may well be doing that again. I checked Google Maps to see how the traffic was. The route to work was already red by 6.45am. I set off to work expecting the worst.

The journey to work wasn’t as good as it might have been, but it was better than yesterday’s run. As I drove, the pundits on the radio were (again) running down the NHS. It turns out that only one hospital in the country has hit all the government’s targets. Only one? Unrealistic targets, perhaps?
Much of the radio this morning was “blah blah”, but I did listen to “Thought for the Day” with something of a sense of amazement. The twit presenting it was a professional religious leader, and people like that often present non sequiturs as they know that because no one actually listens to what they are saying they can present the most ludicrous rubbish and no one will quibble. He started off by saying how statistics show that there are more teenagers considering suicide than ever before. He somehow blamed this on his idea that teenagers go on Facebook, and having run down social media he somehow (in a complete about-face) presented the entire lot as proof that his god loved him.
It’s not enough that these religious types believe total nonsense; they spout utter drivel to try to support the untenable.

I got to work; I did what I couldn’t avoid. Just as I was walking out the door my phone beeped. A new geocache had gone live not a mile from work. And it was in the direction away from the traffic jams. Fifteen minutes later I was doing the First to Find Happy Dance.
Regular readers of this drivel may recall that a couple of years ago I set myself a challenge. On the geo-website there is a calendar showing what geocaches you found on what days. I effectively filled it in so that I had found a geocache on every day of the year (even if not the same year). Yesterday I was shown how I might revisit it so’s I could say that I had found a particular type of geocache on every day of the year. For the most common type (traditional) I’ve only got twelve days to fill. That is do-able. However for the next commonest type (unknown) I have one hundred and eighty one days to do, and after today’s crafty FTF I have only one hundred and eighty two days left on which to find multis.
I might not bother with this challenge.

Once home I walked the dogs round the block, and after an argument with "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" I watched another episode of “Gotham”. I might watch another in a moment; "er indoors TM" is off out tonight…

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