15 October 2017 (Sunday) - I Fell Over

We had a slightly later start than usual today; probably for the best bearing in mind the late night we’d had. As I scoffed toast my stomach was gurgling; I blame the last pint last night; I thought it was a tad dodgy.

My piss boiled somewhat as I looked at Facebook. A friend had posted one of these made-up memes about how illegal immigrants live high on the hog whilst pensioners haven’t got a pot to piss in.
It took about thirty seconds to come up with the truth of the matter, but I can’t help but wonder why people post such hateful racist rubbish. Perhaps people are frightened of foreigners? Perhaps working in a hospital means I get to meet a wider range of people than most? However I will say that when I’m walking home from the car late at night I feel far safer walking past the Polish drinking beer outside the corner shop than I do coming by the British thugs by the KFC. And when my car broke down it was the immigrant community that stopped and helped me.

We got our gear (and dogs) together and was just about to set off to Gravesend when the phone rang. Our usual walking buddies weren’t able to come out to play today; they’d just got to their car and found that overnight someone had broken in to their car and garage. It later turned out that nearly a dozen garages had been done in the area.
I don’t know what boils my piss more, either the fact that organised mobs of scumbags are out stealing from decent people, or that the police still hadn’t shown their faces to investigate by five o’clock in the evening.

So being on our own we decided to change our plans. We thought we’d save the Gravesend walk for when we could all be together, and instead we went to hunt for Tupperware along a little series of geocaches in East Peckham (Maidstone, not London) that Karl and Tracy had done over the summer.
We started off with a bit of a mystery. At the location of the first cache we found two caches. Both relatively new, both rather obvious (if you know what to look for), both about a foot apart. I wonder what was going on there?
We then carried on down the hill, and followed footpaths and lanes for about four miles. We climbed trees, we jumped ditches, we heard skylarks singing, we even saw a frog doing his thing. It was only a shame that I tripped on some ground level barbed wire. For all that the fall put me into a bit of a strop it was probably very funny to watch; just a shame that no one saw it. As "My Boy TM" would say, I hit the ground like a rubber duck. I managed to wrench a knee which was already rather painful, got myself a rather nasty gash up the back of my leg, and I think I’ve bruised a rib or two.
And then I got bogged down in a swamp...

As we drove home "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" phoned, and we went round to hers for a cuppa and to scoff the cakes we’d taken on our walk with us for lunch but hadn’t eaten. She didn’t see that the cakes went past their best last week, but Bakewell tarts don’t go off, do they?
She asked if we wanted to stay for dinner; we decided against it. Probably for the best as I later got a message from her saying that her jambalaya was vile, and they had cheese on toast for dinner instead. Apparently "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" wouldn’t even touch the stuff.

Once home I sparked up the lap-top. I took a few photos as we walked, and I uploaded them. I do that. "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner, and with that scoffed she went off bowling. With both dogs worn out from the afternoon’s walk I settled in front of the telly and watched more “Gotham”. I do like that show, but today I realised that (as with any prequel) you know the heroes aren’t going to die so the perilous scenes are rather wasted.
I really should polish my walking boots…

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