11 October 2017 (Wednesday) - Late Shift

I woke at 3am finding myself far too hot and pinned into the duvet with a sleeping dog on either side. I should have remembered the old maxim about letting sleeping dogs lie; I didn’t. It is always a mistake to wake the puppy as she spent the rest of the night wanting to play. She finally settled five minutes before the alarm went off.
Over brekkie my Fudge-dog cuddled up next to me. For some inexplicable reason he was incredibly soppy this morning, wanting cuddles rather than his breakfast. I had a look-see on the Internet as I scoffed my toast. As always Facebook amazed me. One chap had made his first posting on the Geocaching UK Facebook page, and for every constructive reply there was a sarcastic one. Some of the rudest replies came from people who should have known better. There was also a lot of negativity about Star Trek: Discovery.
I then read a little article about depression and it seemed to ring a few bells. Perhaps I should stay away from such depressing stuff on the Internet?

With a little time on my hands I took the dogs round the park for a walk. Treacle is getting braver; she will now sniff round people and other dogs before running away in terror. Fudge made a nuisance of himself around OrangeHead who was again on her own with no posse.
As I walked I phoned the mobile phone people. Over the last few weeks it has become apparent that the deal I have sucks compared to everyone else. So I phoned and had a whinge, and the nice lady at the other end of the line increased by data package by an extra fourteen gigabytes each month. Bearing in mind I used a quarter of this month’s allowance in three days last weekend, that fourteen gigabytes will come in handy.

Once home I fed the fish, and tried to stop the dogs form eating all the fish food. I popped an episode of “Gotham” onto Netflix and watched it whilst fussing my hounds.

As I drove to work there was a documentary on the radio about the Russian revolution of 1917. The chap presenting the documentary was making the point that the Russian revolution had world-wide consequences. He claimed that it was this event which allowed the UK's Suffragette movement to secure votes for women in  1918, and he claimed it effectively started all the "green" and environmentally friendly movements that are gaining popularity today.
Was he right? I don't know. For all that I write the stuff every day I don't really know much about history.
I always though the Russian revolution was about a bunch of commies doing away with the Tsar.  And being a bit of a commie, I too would probably have done away with the Tsar (if I could have done so). 
Wouldn't we all?.... all the time we aren't the Tsar.

I stopped off on my way to work and marched deep into some woodlands for geo-purposes. Yesterday when having a look at my geo-stats (as one does) I saw I was only half a dozen specific finds off of completing my D/T grid for the second time. Most people don't know what a D/T grid is. It is a very few people that actually have a D/T grid, let alone even complete it once. Getting it done twice would be something of a result so I've targetted a few specific geocaches I need. I got one of them today. I have plans for another in a week or so, and a third for when I next visit my mummy.
Today's cache was something of a disappointment. When new it was a work of genius. I could see how the thing was supposed to operate, but it had long since broken. This is the trouble with these so-called "clever caches"; they are usually broken within a couple of months.

I then went on to McDonalds for McLunch, and suitably fed I went on to the late shift. What with a packed weekend followed two days leave it seems like I've been off work for ages.

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