21 October 2017 (Saturday) - Bit Tired

The night shift was surprisingly busy, but during a break in the small hours I saw a series of thirty geocaches had gone live nearby. When the day shift arrived I charged out as quickly as I could. Those thirty caches will make a good walk in the future, but one cheeky First to Find would make a nice reward for doing the night shift.
I’d looked on the map and worked out which cache would probably be easiest to park at. And being toward the middle of the series I thought it unlikely that anyone else chasing FTFs would be at #10 at silly o’clock in the morning. So you can imagine my surprise when I pulled up at the given GPS co-ordinates just as two geo-friends walked up. We chatted for a bit; it was suggested that I walked on with them. But my bed was beckoning.

As I drove home the pundits on the radio were discussing recently released statistics which claimed that the perpetrators of ninety per cent of the burglaries in the UK never get brought to justice. They wheeled on some chief constable who blathered platitudes for ten minutes. Mind you, what can the police do? In many cases these burglaries are done by organised gangs and by the time the crime has been discovered, the guilty scum are a hundred miles away.

A quick bit of toast, then I went to bed for the morning. I set the alarm for mid-day; if I slept any longer I wouldn’t sleep at night, and I’d waste the day.
"er indoors TM" had vouchers for the café in the WyeVale garden centre so we thought we’d use them. We drove up the A28, and paused to look in a bus shelter. Five years ago I hid a geocache in that bus shelter, I’d had a message that it had gone. It had. I’ve now archived it. It was on the way to where I used to work and so looking after it was easy, but now it is in completely the wrong direction.
We went on to Fat Fish Tackle where I got myself a new landing net. My old one was too deep. Let’s see how this one does. I also got some weights and floats and stuff… it is so easy to run up a big bill in fishing tackle shops. When I was a lad I could pay for tackle from my pocket money. You couldn’t do that today.

We got to the garden centre and after a look-see we went to the café. Oh dear… I wish we’d gone to McDonalds. People take the piss out of my going to McDonalds but had we gone there we would have been in and out in the time the woman on the till took to make a cup of coffee and a cup of hot chocolate. You get better tasting stuff in McDonalds, and even allowing for the WyeVale money off voucher, McDonalds is cheaper.
On the way out we looked at their clothing as Wyevale were having a half-price sale. Even at half price their stuff was twice the price that I was prepared to pay.

As we were in the area we went into Canterbury to Go Outdoors; they’d sent me an email saying they had increased their range of clothing to cater for the more rotund physique. I got a pair of trousers (which were rather expensive) and a pair of walking shoes reduced from forty quid to fifteen. Result!

Once home we took the dogs for a wander round the park; we had hoped the intermittent rain had stopped. It hadn’t. Mind you, we didn’t get *that* wet.

Originally I was planning to go to Mersham this evening to see “Access All Areas” playing at the Royal Oak, but last night’s night shift had left me somewhat knackered. Instead I sat in front of the telly and slept.
I should have an early night really…

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