12 October 2017 (Thursday) - Before the Night Shift

I was a little worried about Fudge this morning. Last night he’d not come up to bed, but instead he’d stood at the bottom of the stairs and cried. I carried him up, but this morning I found him on the sofa looking very sorry for himself with a rather hard stomach. He tenses his stomach when his back hurts him.
Mind you he scoffed his brekkie without any problems.
I spent a little while solving geo-puzzles (only to find I had already solved them), then with "er indoors TM" off to walk I tried to get dressed. Eventually I retrieved my socks from the puppy, and I took the dogs out.

We did our usual circuit of the park. As we walked Treacle approached a few dogs. Usually she runs in terror, so I took that as a good sign. Fudge straggled behind as he does; I wish he’d keep up. As we walked we met OrangeHead; she warned us of something in a hedge in the co-op field. Most people wouldn’t care two hoots about things in hedges, but things in hedges can be very distracting to dogs.
This was the third or fourth time we’d met OrangeHead walking her dog on her own. Usually she has quite a gaggle of other dog walkers in tow; I wonder if there has been a squabble?

We came home; I got the Dyson out and did some hoovering, I mowed the lawn, I got a haircut, I went through the contents of my letter rack. There was quite a few letters in there; none really worth the paper they had been written on. Sorting the letter rack bothered me a little. Most of the letters went into the bin. Some (dull utility paperwork) needed filing. I wasted a valuable half an hour on that rubbish; half an hour I could have spent staring at the telly.

Over a lunch of toast I watched another episode of “Gotham” then went to bed for the afternoon. As it isn’t as warm as it could be I took up a hot water bottle, and found myself fighting the puppy for the thing. Tomorrow I shall put it where "er indoors TM" usually sleeps and that way the puppy won’t be pushing up against me all the time I’m trying to sleep.
I got a couple of hours of shut-eye and then watched another episode of “Gotham” before perusing the geo-map. After yesterday’s little geo-mission before work I am only four specific D-T combinations away from sorting my D/T grid again.
Gordon is C.O. of a D1-T5 cache; I wonder if I might go on a maintenance mission with him at some point.
"er indoors TM" has done a D2-T5 cache which involved a tree climb. I wonder just how hard it was.
There are a couple of D3.5-T5 caches in a river not twenty miles from home; time to get the kayak out.
The D4.5-T4 looks to be tricky – there’s one near a church near Knockholt or one up a tree near Ewhurst or one on the South Downs which might just be do-able.

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up some dinner… I’m off to the night shift now.

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