9 October 2015 (Friday) - Sorting Bullies

Over brekkie I watched the second episode of "You, Me and the Apolcalypse". I'm not sure where the show is going to go, and I'd be intrigued to see what happens if it gets a second series.

I then checked some emails and my piss boiled. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that over the last few months (using geocaches) I organised a guided walk around the Bethersden area. It seems there is a perceived problem on part of that walk.
There is actually two problems, each compounding the other. The first is that the route goes along official footpaths, but one of the farmers doesn't like people using footpaths on his land.
The second is that many people who go out hunting tupperware have taken up this hobby with absolutely no experience of walking in the countryside and do not understand the concept of "official footpath".
One such geocacher has encountered one such farmer this week and apologised humbly to him and has suggested that I've made a mistake in route-planning. Let's be clear about this. Farmers don't like people using official footpaths in the same way that (hypothetically) I don't like people walking down the street in which I live. When a farmer says to someone that he doesn't want people using a given official footpath, if polite platitudes don't placate him, the correct response is "if you don't like it, you can kiss my arse, dogbreath!" People have every right to use official footpaths.
Rant over... I expect I shall have to go out and sort it all out in the next few days....

As I drove to work I found myself behind an MW Sweepers roadsweeper van. This vehicle was proudly bearing signs saying that the general public might follow MW Sweepers on Facebook and Twitter. Why on Earth would anyone wish to follow the exploits af a roadsweeping firm?
I've started following them just to find out what I might be missing.

I got to work, and as a special treat I got myself a lump of flapjack from the League of Fiends (sic) shop. Much as I liked it, it gave me guts ache. And I have a lot of guts to ache...
I then spent most of the rest of the day whinging (to anyone who would listen) about my guts ache.
I also felt rather worn out today. What wit the vagaries of night work and having taken holiday, this is the first time for some months that I have worked five days continuously. I don't like it very much.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. As we walked there was one horrible child in the park who was menacing and bullying some smaller children. My dog ran up to this bully and barked at him. He started crying, and his victims then laughed.
Good boy Fudge....

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