7 October 2015 (Wednesday) - DCXXVII + MLIV = ?

Over brekkie I watched the latest episode of "The Last Man on Earth". It is a gentle-enough show; the sort of thing which most people have probably missed. But it is worth giving a go. "Furry Face TM" snored through most of it, then when he thought I wasn't watching he sneaked upstairs to sleep on my bed.
I then quickly checked my emails to find that Amazon dot com was again suggesting I buy stuff I'd already bought from them.

When I came home last night I couldn't park anywhere near the house; this morning there was a large space outside. So I fetched the car round and unloaded all the luggage I'd collected from "Daddies Little Angel TM" yesterday. It was with something of a sore back that I then drove off to work.
As I drove I listened to the radio.

A prominent policeman was being interviewed about the findings broadcast on last night's "Panorama" program on the BBC. Journalists have found that the police are far too eager to believe any and all allegations of child abuse and that innocent people really have had their lives wrecked because of these unsubstantiated allegations. It was claimed on this morning's radio show that the police themselves have named various celebrities and politicians who later turned out to be utterly innocent (but by then the damage has been done)
I've been ranting about this for years.
The policeman being interviewed felt it important that all people when abused as a child should feel able to go to the police about their terrible experiences. Within reason I agree. But there must be some defence for the innocent, and there must be a point at which these victims must realise they have had forty years to say something and they have left it too late.

There was also a lot of fuss made about how in the next few months Britain is finally stopping all foreign aid to India. The pundits on the radio wheeled on someone from "Save the Children" and my heart bled at the tales of poverty and malnutrition she told.
Then the pundits pointed out that India has more millionaires and billionaires than Britain, and they then broadcast some radio footage from India's recent successful mission to Mars. Perhaps India should get their own house in order rather than expecting us to bail them out.

Despite its best efforts, a Euro-Flooring lorry failed to run me off the road. For some reason I got to Canterbury really early so I took the opportunity to got some petrol and then went to work.
Eight hours later I then had something of a busy evening.
First to Chartham to deliver candles. Then to Oak Tree Road to swap baby clothes for paint. Then round to see "My Boy TM". Lacey was having problems with her homework. She'd been assigned Roman sums. Roman sums aren't as easy as you'd think. Try adding DCXXVII to MLIV and see what you get.

What with one thing and another "Furry Face TM" was nearly an hour late getting his walk. It's the Bake-Off final soon... I wanted the foxy Lithuanian one to win. Shame she got chucked out a few weeks ago.

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