3 October 2015 (Saturday) - Wingham Wildlife Park

Over brekkie I saw some of the Kentish cachers were having fun in France. Some were in Vancouver a little while ago. Social media is great for following (or cyber-stalking) what people are up to. And with brekkie scoffed I walked "Furry Face TM" round the roads. He likes his morning perambulation, and (for once) today's passed off without incident.

Once home again we packed a picnic lunch then set off to Folkestone. The motorway was again blocked because of whatever nonsense the French were up to this time. It rather annoys me that whenever the French have niggles and squabbles they blockade Calais which then brings most of Kent to a standstill.
If we as a nation are going to continue with France as a trading partner then traffic needs to get to and fro.
Realistically the time has now come to tell the French that they can p*ss off and either cut off all relations with them and close Dover-Calais route altogether or send in the army and the navy to re-open the lines of communication.
The current arrangement simply isn't working for anyone.

We eventually got to Folkestone where we collected baby Jake (and assorted entourage). Since yesterday was his birthday, today we had a little birthday trip to the zoo. "My Boy TM" and his contingent eventually met us there; having had a terrible time trying to get out of Ashford (again thanks to the French).
Seven bigguns and three littluns then had a day at Wingham Wildlife Park. We watched feeding time for otters and penguins, we watched the antics of coatis and meerkats. We avoided getting tiddled on by tigers (they do that). We fed the fish and the peacocks and the goats. We ("My Boy TM") tried our hardest to get pecked by a flamingo. We even saw two pontypines (!) and laughed at the small child who was (quite literally) crapped on by a lemur.
Several of us took the makings of a pic-nic. Despite three sittings we didn't get it all eaten.

After four hours we'd eventually seen it all. Money was then squandered in the gift shop, and we set off on our various ways homeward. We returned the Folkestonians from whence they came; and despite having scoffed far too much we had coffee and cake before coming home again. Getting home from Folkestone is rarely a problem, but as we drove up the motorway there was nothing coming down the other way as the motorway was still closed.

Once home I uploaded the photos I'd taken. I took one or two whilst we were out.. That took some doing. A shame Facebook didn't upload them all. I wonder why?
And then I got some "Found it" logs from the geo-series I put out last week. And a complaint or two. Seems I got my left and right mixed up in the descriptions. Woops!

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