6 October 2015 (Tuesday) - Delivering Stuff

I spent a little while on Amazon dot com looking for a new e-book for my Kindle app as I scoffed my toast this morning. Last night I finished "Aurora" by Kim Stanley Robinson. I've read some of his stuff before, but this book was really good. I thought the ending was a bit of a shame; I *think* the author was being metaphorical. Eventually I settled on "Night of the Triffids" which was billed as an official sequel to John Wyndham's "Day of the Triffids".
Interestingly Amazon dot com then sent me an email recommending several books I've already bought from them.

As I took "Furry Face TM" for our morning walk I had what I can only describe as a "Swadelands flashback". As we left the house the children were congregating over the road waiting for the arrival of the bus which would take them directly to Swadelands secondary school. Back in the days when the fruits of my loin went to that school I used to pay hundreds of pounds every year so that "Daddies Little Angel TM" would have a seat on that bus. And every single day she would deliberately conspire to miss that bus. Swadelands school is ten years ago, but still the memories haunt me.

I walked "Furry Face TM" round the park without too many problems, and with him settled I set off to Folkestone. The littlun (and his associates) are being relocated in the next few weeks. So in order to make things easier, whenever I'm passing I load the car up with assorted goods and chattels to make the actual moving day that much easier. The plan for this morning was to load up a car full.
I arrived and drove round several times but after twenty minutes I still couldn't find anywhere near their house to park. I parked up at the closest spot (ten minutes walk away) and phoned "Daddies Little Angel TM". After a few rings it went through to her answer-phone. I rang again. And again. After the tenth time of phoning her I gave up, drove round to her house, stopped in the middle of the street outside her house and blasted on the hooter until she came out.
We loaded up as best we could, then I drove off to park three streets away and came back for a cuppa.
Littlun actually walked a few steps today. He stood up and chased Sid (the pug) until he fell onto his bum.

As I had a few minutes spare I thought I'd have a look for sandwich boxes in Hawkinge's Lidl. If nothing else it was something to do before work, and I can always hide sandwich boxes under hedges. The shop was much the same as Lidls everywhere except in one respect. This one had a distraught little old lady telling the world she had forgotten what she'd come to the shop to buy. I smiled politely, suggested jam, peanuts or coffee, and then left her to the assistant manager. As I left I could see the assistant manager regretting he'd ever got involved.

I got to work, actually surprised everyone (including myself) by doing some, then set off on an errand. Usually I'd go to the weekly gathering of the clans on a Tuesday but not gettng away from Canterbury till late meant I'd be arriving at about the sort of time I'd actually be wanting to be going home. So instead I took a little diversion into Chartham to deliver candles for "er indoors TM"
I got to where I was supposed to be delivering to find an unlit house in an unlit street. No one home. That boiled my piss.

I should really have unloaded the car when I got home. But by then it was 9pm. I'll do it in the morning....

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