2 October 2015 (Friday) - Happy Birthday Jake

I slept for a long time, but another sleep wrought by dreams I'd rather not have had. I scoffed brekkie and then took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. We went back to the Post Office to see if they would hand over my parcel they refused to hand over yesterday. I walked in, smiled at the chap behind the counter and showed him the coollection slip. He grunted. I say "grunted"; it might have been a grunt, a burp or a fart. I smiled again and after a little pause this fellow bellowed "I.D.?!?!?". Still refusing to be fazed by him I politely exclaimed "Oh, you would like to see some identificiation would you?" I was in the throes of getting my passport out of my wallet when"Mr Cheerful" reached over, snatched it form me, glanced at it then threw it back at me before stomping off. After a while he grudgingly handed over a small package.
And Royal Mail wonder why the little delivery firms are doing so well at their expense.

We carried on our walk via the town centre to the park. As we walked we met a rather foxy traffic warden. Did you know that the traffic warden uniform has been changed? They now sport the sort of hat that DOnny Osmond made famous in the 1970s.
We got to the park and met a new tribe of dog-walkers. I thought we'd met them all, but this bunch were new to me. They were micro-managing their dogs at every step. The advent of a loose Patagonian Tripe-Hound was clearly the last thing they wanted. Recently I mentioned how he tends to shy away from other dogs. Not today. This time he caused mayhem.

Before they got too angry with us they were distracted by another dog. For some time I'd heard a barkig in the distance. There was a smalll dog barking at a tree. I haave no idea why; and all the new bunch's dogs joined in. Fortunately for me "Furry Face TM" had no interest in this tree so we walked off and left them all to it. They all barked for a good twenty minutes more.
We came home via Christchurch Road where the bin men wer doing their collections. Me and my dog weaved in and out of the bins left scattered on the pavement, but again the young mothers with push chairs were walking up the centre of the street as the pavements had been left impassable for push chairs.

My original plan had been to go see the birthday baby, but we didn't get home from our walk until 9.30am, and littlun had a birthday party planned at his mother & toddler group. So instead I took a leisurely drive to work.
As I drove to work the radio was playing "Women's Hour". Perhaps I'm an intolerant ot git, but more and more I find this show to be becoming more and more patronising. Today's show featured all sorts of shrieking harpies who were concerned about a public intolerance of extreme views. Apparently all sorts of public bodies and institutions are adopting "No Platform" policies in which they refuse to allow those they consider to be extremist to speak. However the trouble with this attitude is that one person's idea of extremism is another's idea of common sense.

After a minor geo-detour I got to work for the late shift. I did my bit, and (it is that time of year) drove home in the dark. I don't mind the late shifts but I don't like driving home after them. As I come along the A28 every evening there is always the same drunk driver who is swerving all over the road at 20 miles an hour. It is impossible to overtake them, so I am forced to keep a decent distance. They eventually turn off at Wye (as they did again this evening), but they add twenty minutes to an already very late finish.

With "er indoors TM" putting the birthday boy to bed I found myself "home alone" yet again. So I treated myself to a KFC and watched Star Trek. Not a bad way to pass an evening, even if a tad lonely....

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