18 October 2015 (Sunday) - Whitfield

I felt a little ropey over brekkie this morning; can't imagine why. As I devoured my toast I spent a few minutes wracking my brain. My attempts to solve a geo puzzle are faltering. I know the puzzle is based on Mah-Jong, but all my attempts to solve it aren't working. I've event resorted to non-traditional means (i.e. to blag it) but no one who's actually logged it as found has either solved the puzzle themselves or will tell me how to solve it.
I let "Furry Face TM" out for his business (its a dog thing) and on seeing how it had rained overnight I thought I might use my gaiters on today's walk. I then wasted half an hour trying to find where they had been hidden. I found one. Having only one is no use to me. I shall get some more gaiters; that is a sure-fire way to make the missing one appear.

The plan for today had been to hunt for sandwich boxes in Alkham and then Samphire Hoe but with a sizeable proportion of the team crying off with various maladies we had a last-minute change of plan.
We took my dog for a walk round Whitfield. We started off at the church where we had to solve a puzzle based on the tribulations of the Cross family. There is a gravestone in the churchyard which lists the deaths of the eleven children of that family. The longest surviving child was only five months old when she died. It was a rather sad tale.
From there we had something of a stroll to find another puzzle cache. I'd actually solved this puzzle some time ago. Regular readers of this drivel may recall 23 August last year when I'd narrowed the location of this sandwich box downn to one of a dozen possible places, and whilst checking all twelve places "er indoors TM" lost her phone. None of those places were right, but shortly after that I found the error of my ways, and today we went back and did the secret geo-ritual.

We made our way back to the car via a farm shop where we stocked up on cheap vegetables, then went into Folkestone for a walk round the harbour with Baby Jake and his entourage. I had no idea that the end of the harbour arm has been renovated and now featured stalls and live music and a double-decker bus which has been converted into a Greek restaurant. I will certainly be going back there soon.
It was only a shame that Buster (Kat's Staffie) and Fudge had to have the mother of all ding-dongs once we got back to the flat. Both dogs were fine but at the time it looked rather nasty. And it pains me to admit that my dog was one hundred per cent to blame for the fracas...

I took a few photos today; once home I put them all on-line. There are those who decry Facebook. It is worth its weight in gold if only for the free photo storage. I then fed my undercrackers to the washing machine and spent a little longer wrestling with the Mah-Jong-based puzzle I mentioned earlier.
It's giving me a headache now....

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