12 October 2015 (Monday) - On the Late Shift

After a rather restless night I got up. I found a small dog next to me which probably explained a lot. Over brekkie I saw that social media was alive with the vulcan bomber XH558. Yesterday I mentioned that I didn't really know much about the plane so over brekkie I corrected this gap in my education. Unless I'm missing something I can't see any reason for the thing's popularity. It hasn't really done or been involved in anything of historical importance that I can see. So why has it gripped the nation's interest?
I asked this question of a few people today, and it seems to me that everyone I asked was watching it because everyone else was. Mind you several people were rather aggressive about the thing. Why is it that so often people can't understand that disinterest doesn't equate with dislike and/or contempt. I have no real interest in the vulcan (or in rugby, football or soaps). Doesn't mean I dislike any of them.
Most people can't see that...

With brekkie scoffed I fed some grubby laundry to the washing machine and took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. As we walked round through Bowens Field and the park I watched my dog "like a pork" (to coin a phrase). After his episode with the pheasant yesterday I wasn't taking any chances. But our walk passed off uneventfully.

Once home I gave him his brekkie, hung out the laundry, and then went to Folkestone to see the littlun. Several people have recently asked about the little baby with whom I appear in photographs on Facebook. And one or two have refused to believe he is my grandson as (apparently) I'm not old enough to be a granddad.
I smile about that.
Me and littlun watched "Clangers" this morning, I had a cuppa, then me and his mother loaded my car with stuff for the tip. I was sure I knew where Folkestone's tip was... It seems that what I thought was the tip was actually a sports club. But not to worry... I knew of another tip in Densole... Or so I thought.
I've still got a car full of rubbish I need to unload somewhere. If all else fails I know of a hedgerow near Barham where other people chuck their unwanted rubbish.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing the public perception of history. Most people have a somewhat warped view of history based on what they see on the telly. Some professional historian was ranting that TV producers and authors had a duty to be historically accurate. The pundits then wheeled on TV producers and authors who pointed out that the reality of history was rather dull and they were in the business of entertaining people. After all, are people *that* stupid that they beleive what they see on the telly?
As it all descended into name-calling I turned the radio off.

I had few minutes before work so I downloaded another e-book. I've heard good things about "Emanations". I've read stuff by this author before. He writes in a style which isn't entirely unlike John Wyndham; I've liked his previous stuff so I thought I'd give it a go.
And if I don't like it I shall ask the author for my money back.

I wonder if he can sign an e-book?

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