4 October 2015 (Sunday) - Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday I mentioned how social media is a great way to keep up with the mundane trivia of everyone else's life. Over brekkie I activated my lap top and caught up with more. Such as discovering that after a busy day yesterday at the zoo spent scoffing far too much pic-nic, little baby Jake had a bout of chocolate cake flavoured sick last night.
I also found out that my kite-flying friends were camping out at the South of England show at Ardingly. Last night was apparently especially cold. I did whinge a little that it would have been nice to have been told about the Ardingly thing... but then I suppose if I'd paid my subs to the kite club then I would have been told about it.
Yesterday (at least) two groups of people walked my new geo-series. As I scoffed toast I read the reports they had posted. Following exactly the same instructions one group had gone astray whilst another group had no problems. Strange... I've amended the description a little.

With brekkie scoffed we collected the rest of the team and set off to Eastling for the traditional Sunday geo-stroll. Some days we go mob-handed, other days not with quite so many. Today was a "not quite so many" day. The day started badly with Suzy pup seeming to have problems with her paw. We couldn't see anything wrong with it, and decided to carry on and keep a close eye on her. We didn't keep as close an eye on her as we might have done; when our attention was distracted she got wind of a pheasant and shot off. There was a slight (fifteen minutes) hiatus whilst we searched for her. In the past Fudge has disgraced himself by running off. But he's rarely taken as long to find. Suzy did a good job of running off. "Furry Face TM" stayed on the lead for much of the walk; there were loads of pheasants and he was obviously tracking them for much of the way.
I say "pheasants" - at several points of the walk I heard branches breaking and something larger crashing about in the woods. i could be wrong but I think there were deer about.

It was a really good walk; about six miles, and perfect walking weather. Not too hot, a gentle breeze, and the ground dry enough to sit down for a pic-nic. Geocachically there was a mixture of hides ranging from dead simple "film-pot-under-rock" to rather cleverly hidden tricky ones. One of these had us stumped, and we only managed to claim a find by the cachers following us catching up and finding it for us.
As always it was good to meet fellow tupperware-hunters and chat.
We drove home via one or two other concealed sandwich boxes. I've only got one left to find within four miles of home.

I took some photos as we walked. I do that. Once home I uploaded these to cyber-space. I don't know if the world wants to see my random photos, but I know my mum likes seeing them. And I get unlimited photo storage with Facebook anyway.

Realising that bonfire season is nearly upon us I then checked the diary dates. There's nothing (within reasonable distance) happening next weekend, but the weekend after is Hastings bonfire parade. That's a must-do event. And Rye bonfire is on 14 November. That's a must-do as well.

Right - decent bit of scoff now and a decent bottle of plonk. Today's a special day you know...

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