10 October 2015 (Saturday) - Family Day

Over brekkie I found out that the local council has given a bung of one hundred and twenty thousand pounds towards renovations of a local church. Supposedly the whole community will benefit because brownies meet in the building once a week as does a mother and toddler group. One hundred and twenty thousand pounds... how many people go to church these days? Far better spend the money on building a purpose-built community centre.

In previous years today would have involved a mission to Eastbourne to scoff ourselves silly on ice cream and/or go to the Eastbourne beer festival. A good friend went to that beer festival on Thursday. Perhaps I'm mean, but I feel that a six quid admision charge is just a little bit excessive. Sill, as "er indoors TM" says, it keeps the riff-raff out.
Instead we went down to Folkestone. Leaving "er indoors TM" still in pyjamas I collected "Cake James" and we were soon in Folkestone. Some of us painted walls, some loaded up the car with more stuff to go into storage. and with the first coat of paint drying we walked up to town for some McLunch and a little bit of shopping. You can't beat McLunch. We came home via a geocache (it had to be done) and a rather good slide.
The second coat of paint went on the wall as I slept, and so did the third.

I'd read that there was an accident blocking the motorway near Ashford. Sat Nav said to take the motorway to junction 9 and come off there. I tried to do that. As I came past it the actual exit at Junction 9 was blocked by a train of foreign lorries. About fifty or so of them; all travelling at about fifty miles per hour; all about six feet from each other. Being unable to get to the slip road I had no choice but to queue in traffic for an hour.

Once home I got the car emptied and put some of the stuff upstairs into storage. Some of it is still in the living room. There is only so much my poor old back can do.
And with "er indoors TM" off doing whatever it is that she does (and lacking any better offer) I had a look at the bank accounts (not good, but are they ever?), programmed "Hannah" for tomorrow's geo-mission and fell asleep in front of the telly whilst listening to "nutty next door" shouting.
The daytime was good today, but the evening was a bit dull really...

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