8 August 2012 (Wednesday) - Geocaching Again

Something was different this morning. It took me a few moments to realise that I could actually hear. Having an unblocked ear makes such a difference. I had a quick bit of brekkie and then packed as much of teh camping as I needed into the car. On previous camping trips I've taken far too much. THis time I have been rather judicious with what I've packed. This time I've taken enough chairs. Not "far too many" like I usually do; just "enough". There's a minor mishap with the cooking gear in that I can't find it. I'm hoping that it is at the farm with the gas. If not it'll be fish and chips and sandwiches all weekend.

With the car loaded I then mucked out the pond's fish poo filter. A smelly job, but one which needed doing. And (this time) a job which took a lot longer than usual as my mobile kept going off with messages. I was conducting text conversations about buying tents, missing gas canisters and rubber boats whilst up to my elbows in fish dung. Nice!
With fish filters cleaned and me scrubbed I went on-line to find that "The Man with No Alias (patent pending)" had been disrespecting my smalls. He will regret that foolish bravado (!) Whilst on-line I submitted my entry to the short story competition I mentioned a few weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you got a discount if you entered a second story. I'd been toying with one the other day so I dusted it off, corrected a few spelling mistakes and emailed both my stories off. Here's hoping.
The money I've saved with the discount has been wasted on geocaching kit.

Talking of which I then went for a quick geocache. Just as I found the second one of the day my phone rang. Chippy was keen to see what was involved in the latest waste of time. My phone beeped again. Matt also was interested in having a go. We met up with the Bat as well, and four of us spent a very pleasant couple of hours visiting eight of central Ashford's hidden treasures. Some more hidden than others.

And so home again where we watched the first Star Trek film over a rather nice bit of tea. Regular readers of this drivel will be disappointed for the next few days as I'm off on my holidays. But should anyone see that as a green light to come house-breaking, please beware of "My Boy TM", Fudge and the house-sitting posse.

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