12 August 2012 (Sunday) - Teston Kite Festival

Again I heard someone's phone alarm going off at 6.30am. Someone's phone has the same alarm tune as mine, and someone has not turned the thing off. I got up and chatted with those who were already awake, and as I abluted so everyone else got up. Again we had an early brekkie. And with little wind four of us went on a very quick geocache hunt. We found two, and we found a couple of other geocachers too.

Back to camp where Sarah and Steve had arrived to visit. We sat and chatted and dozed before playing with the solar scope, and then having another go with the kites; the wind was beginning to pick up. At mid-afternoon all the kiters gathered for the traditional photograph of all the Testonians. Eventually a photo was obtained, and we carried on with the kites. I had an entertaining five minutes with some normal people who were quite taken with my pyro-fish kite, and we played with Chinese dragons too.

And all too soon the afternoon was over, and most people were going home. Not everyone stays overnight; most people go home, and it was sad to say goodbye to so many friends. With everyone else packing up I spent a couple of hours tidying away banners and things that could easily be tidied away before we had a rather nice tea of fajitas and a couple of rounds of Blokus.
"er indoors TM" was expected back from the National Convention of Candle-Floggers at about 10.30pm, so we sat and chatted about crime, punishment and fidolatory until she finally arrived shortly after midnight. By this point the port was all gone, so we had some amaretto instead...

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