16 August 2012 (Thursday) - A Challenge

I had something of a lie-in this morning; not emerging from my pit until gone 8am. I spent a few minutes mucking out my inboxes of hundreds of spam emails, then set about mowing the lawn. That stuff grows too quickly.
I then spent a few hours looking for a pair of trousers. I have a pair I bought recently. Quite light; ideal for a walk in the summer. Can I find them? I eventually had to give up and rough it with another pair. I needed trousers. I’ve got my legs so badly ripped and stung by geocaching in shorts recently.

A quick bite of lunch, and Lisa soon arrived for an afternoon’s geocaching. We started with one along Hornash Lane and then failed to find the one at Orlestone Church before meeting Steve in Hamstreet. Through woodlands and footpaths in the sunshine; eventually finding eleven of our twelve targets for the afternoon.

And so home where I squeezed a few volts into my phone whilst waiting for "er indoors TM" to return. Once she was home we popped to the Fudgery to collect the problem pup, and we took him to the warren for a walk. It was utter co-incidence that there was a geocache there that we didn't do last night. This one was tricky. At the specified point (which was rather hard to find) were directions to a bench half a mile away. Once there we got instructions for finding the actual cache. Some might say it was a waste of an hour. Me - I had a great time with great company.

On the way home we stopped off to pose for photos with a piece of local artwork as part of an on-line challenge. It was simple enough to do. I might accept more of these on-line challenges...

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