15 August 2012 (Wednesday) - Stuff

Yesterday I hid another geocache. It was made live by the nice people at geocaching dot com at 7.25am this morning and was found for the first time less than half an hour later. That's keen!
I then set off out to deliver catalogues of bargains to the masses. And after I'd delivered to forty houses I found an identical catalogue on someone's doorstep marked for collection. Someone else had clearly done this road a few days ago. But not just any old "someone else". This was the person for who we act as agents. This isn't the first time we've found her catalogues in areas where we had no idea she delivers.
I have all but decided to give up with doing these catalogue drops. There is absolutely no point in doing them when we are delivering to houses that have already had a very recent delivery from the very person who wants us to do drops on her behalf. We have asked her to let us know where she has delivered, and she tells us where she's been in the past. But she never lets us know when she branches out somewhere else. That most volatile of my bodily fluids is rapidly evaporating....

I then spent a little while re-vamping mankybadger dot com. I think it now looks nicer. Just as I was putting the finishing touches to it I had a message. My acquired daughter had found two geocaches already and was on her way to find my two. Did I want to go out geocaching with her?
We had a great time. In built up streets and in woodlands. Bridges and stiles. Nettles and bus stops. Robin Hood and traffic islands. We were out for four hours. We found eight caches, and gave up on three. Three of the caches were multi-staged in that the initial clue didn't lead to the actual cache, but to another clue to find the cache. We even found a trackable.

Home to find my hereditary daughter in residence with Sid. We exchanged a few insults, and then "er indoors TM" came home. We had planned to go for a walk and we thought we'd take Fudge. We arrived at the Fudgery to find no one home, so we did a couple more geocaches. One had a trackable, one eluded us.
We collected Fudge and went to the warren for a walk. And guess what we did. I'll give the thicker of my loyal readers a clue: it begins with "ge" and ends with "ocaching".
We found one. And this was perhaps the most interesting one ever. I found one which was just as per the description. "er indoors TM" found one a few yards away matching the description of what it was once like before it was reported as lost. She'd obviously found the original one. Soaking wet, totally sodden. With two trackables in a very sorry state.
It was at this point that my phone battery died, so I took this to be God's way of telling me to get a life. We played briefly on a rope swing before taking Fudge back home where the birthday girl was just about to start tea. Steak and chips. It looked nice so we left them to it.

Shortly after I got home I was told that "My Boy TM" proposed. (I was told shortly before the official announcement was made on Facebook). The birthday girl said "yes". I amazed myself by not crying...

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