14 August 2012 (Tuesday) - At A Loose End...

After a wonderful weekend away with family and friends I felt somewhat at a loose end today. With "My Boy TM" expecting deliveries I really needed to wait in for the postman. The firm bringing the parcel takes undelivered stuff back to Maidstone. Driving there and back is a bit of a pain so I waited about the house. I soon got bored with playing silly Facebook games, so I tried to make progress with a talk I have planned for the astro club. Tried and failed. It's a talk which is a little "out of the box", and I couldn't get the enthusiasm for it today.

Instead I did a little research. Yesterday I ranted about the future of the kite festival at Teston. Specifically the funding of future events bearing in mind that they will effectively have to be private ventures. The nice lady from Kent county council with whom I spoke at great length was absolutely adamant that the cost of public liability insurance cover would be fifty quid. She was crystal clear on the matter, and said that such insurance was obtainable at that price from http://www.insuremyevent.co.uk She said she'd looked it up herself several times. We discussed the matter in detail and she was completely convinced of the price. I had a go on their website and come up with a price of £279.19 (!) I wonder how much else I was told that wasn't quite right.

With three loads of washing on the line and drying in the sunshine I found myself gripped with boredom. So I had a little tidy-up in the front garden. Periodically I pull the weeds out from between the paving slabs and have a sweep-up and the garden looks presentable for a week or so. Whilst pootling I got into a conversation with a passing street sweeper who told me that my road is one of the cleanest in Ashford. Apparently he gets far less litter from my street than from any other. I was quite pleased to hear that.

I then wandered along the road and (looking very nonchalant) hid another geocache. I say "hid" - the thing is quite obvious really. Or that is it's obvious when you know where it is. That's two geocaches I've hidden now. I've plans for a third one. I'd like to have quite a big one; one large enough to hold trackables and things; but that would need a special location. I wonder if I might pop one in the church yard somewhere?

Being a Tuesday the clans gathered. On the way to gathering we met up with Chip and found a couple more geocaches. One of them was the little fellow pictured above. What a wonderful idea for a cache. And I came home to find an email that the cache I made today breached two of the rules of the game. I've put it all right; let's hope that the nice people at geocahing dot com agree with me...

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