10 August 2012 (Friday) - Sewing Knives and Cooking Hammers

Being the designated key holder to the park I'd had a lot of requests from people (who had to work today) that I might be sure to unlock the gates for them. I unlocked the gates at 4.55am and went back to bed. I gave up trying to sleep at 7am having been constantly woken by people asking me to unlock a gate which was already unlocked. But I didn't mind. I was happy to have the chance to use being the key holder to meet up with a lot of old friends.

Quite a few of our number also had places to be and people to see (and mountains to ski) this morning, so brekkie was on the go at 8.15am, and was all eaten and washed up by 9am. This is something that has never been done before at camp, and was actually rather a good thing. It gave us the morning to do things. So often we are still clearing up after brekkie at 11.30am. I used the morning to do some much-needed banner maintenance with my sewing knife. I have a nice sewing knife and it attracted quite a bit of interest. Whilst I sewed the Rear Admiral had his arse handed to him on a plate whist playing football (sic), and Terry had to take a tablet (!)

We had a quick drop of lunch, and with no wind for flying kites ten of us set off on a short stroll. Down the river to Wateringbury. We found a geocache on the way from which I removed a Trackable. It was a very hot and still afternoon, and we were all glad to find the pub in Wateringbury where a pint slipped down quite nicely. Moving on we crossed the river and, pausing only briefly to get my leg ripped open by barbed wire, we soon found ourselves on the hills overlooking the camp site. A rather spectacular view. There was a bit of a problem when we found a gaggle of horses blocking our way along one of the footpaths, but I discovered that I had quite a talent as a horse whisperer, and I got Neddy to follow me as I led him and his herd of horses out of the way.

The plan was then to have a second pint at the Tickled Trout before making our way back to camp. But the Tickled Trout was closed. So we sat outside and sweated; it was a very hot day. Some of our number then wandered back to camp; three of us had a crafty geocache; realising that there were three more on our way back to camp.
We got back to camp to find everyone was suffering from the heat. I then helped with the cooking. Irene needed someone to do the garlic and carroway seeds. I cooked them quite comprehensively with my cooking hammer; a very versatile tool. Tea tonight was excellent; goulash. Very tasty. I had second helpings.

And then with still no wind we had a little drinkie. I had to do gate duty at 10pm, and again at midnight. Having let Simon in we then had a drop of port, photographed a very picturesque moon in the mist, and had a farting contest which Simon lost by first gassing himself and secondly by waking his family. Oh how I laughed...

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