5 August 2012 (Sunday) - Birthday, Trackable...

Yesterday I mentioned that I've hidden a geocache of my own. It went live yesterday afternoon, and was found three times yesterday whilst we were out. I'm quite impressed with that.

A quick bit of brekkie, and we set off to Folkestone to see the birthday boy. We had a quick cuppa, then went into town for a spot of shopping. Shirts were needed. Asda let us down, but Primark saw us right. Pausing only briefly for out of date chocolate (20p per bar!) we then had a stroll down through Folkestone warren. A very scenic and pretty place. And one with the odd geocache or two. There was one that we've walked past so many times in the past without knowing it was there. And quite a large chache it was too. I swapped a lego geisha for a badge, and took out a Trackable. I was *really* excited about that.

Trackables are little things that travel the world. Geocachers put them in caches; others find them and move them onto other geocaches. Each one has a unique tracking number so that it's progress can be logged. The one I'm currently looking after started its travels in January of this year from South Carolina in the USA. It's been to Rome and the Czech Republic already before it arrived in Folkestone warren today; only hours before I picked it up.
I shall look after it for a day of so before I release it back into the wild. I know just the place to release it. (No - not in my own cache!)

To think it's only five days since I found my first geocache....

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