6 August 2012 (Monday) - Rather Dull

I woke this morning to find myself completely deaf in my left ear. This jollop that the doctor prescribed hasn't done an awful lot of good really. Normally as I watch the telly I have the volume set to about level twenty-two so as not to disturb anyone. If I had it below level forty this morning I couldn't hear it. I spent quite a bit of the day feeling light-headed. I expect that's all ear-related. I shell see if I can't get it sorted in the next day or so...
As I drove to work today I was glad to hear that there was quite a lot of news coverage for the "Curiosity" robot which has been successfully landed on Mars. It weighs about a ton and is the size of a small car. I'm hoping for great things from it, for all that the public reaction was to ask why NASA were sending robots and not astronauts (!)
I got to work ten minutes earlier than I might normally have done; there's a geocache nearby that I failed to find a couple of times last week. My geocaching colleagues also failed to find it last week, and I couldn't find it this morning. I emailed the cache's owner that we couldn't find it in the hope that they might give me a clue. They replied to tell us (in general terms) that we were looking in the right place. I suppose that means we need to look harder.
Yesterday I mentioned that I'd found a Trackable in one of the geocaches at Folkestone Warren. I took it into work planning to show off to other geocachers only to find that someone else had also found one over the weekend. We swapped them (that's allowed) and I shall send my new one on it's way tomorrow. This one is Germany-bound. I'd like to get a Trackable of my own and send it off on its merry way with instructions to make it's way back to my own geocache. If any of my loyal readers are going overseas in the next few weeks, please let me know.
I then spent much of the day looking at the torrential rain outside and tried to reconcile it to the weather forecast which had predicted occasional light showers. It must be marvellous to be a professional weather forecaster. You can be utterly rubbish at your job, because everyone expects weather forecasts to be rubbish.

After work I stopped in Martyr's Field. I've driven through here for the last year; driving past a geocache. I found it tonight. I would have left the Trackable that was in my pocket, but the cache was too small. I then went on to Morrissons to spend my voucher on port and deodorant before filling up the car with sixty quid's worth of petrol. I can't see the attraction in shopping....

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  1. I'm going to the canaries in November.
    There are some geocaches in the town i,m going to.
    More than happy to send your trackable on it's way.