4 August 2012 (Saturday) - Howletts, Anniversary

Up with the lark for the weekly weigh-in. No weight loss this week, but no weight gain either. I then spent a bit of time with the astro club accounts over a spot of brekkie. The bank statement had arrived, and it's always fun trying to make my guesstimates of expenditure agree with what the bank reckons we have. It;'s at times like that when I'm glad I count the club funds down to the penny on a regular basis. And check it. Twice.
I then wrote myself a cheque for several hundred quid of club funds to reimburse myself for the banners (just need to cajole other signatories to sign their lives away), and I helped myself to thirty quid (£28.99) for the ink cartridges. Constellation games don't print themselves, you know.

Flushed with success after yesterday's geocaching I then hid a geocache of my very own and logged it with geocaching dot com. I'm reliably informed that it can take up to a week before new caches get listed, so I have little option but to wait patiently. There's no denying that I am rather impatient for it to go live; I'm intrigued to see how many visits it will get.

We then drove round to the Fudgery to collect the entourage, and we went for a day trip to Howlett's zoo. Not cheap to get into, but a free pass and season tickets made the day much more affordable. I wound littlun up with takes of Woozles, Patagonian ants and Australian chicken-eagles, and we had a great time. We even got to see the Honey Badger; which is a beast we rarely get to see. A picnic in the sunshine, a day with family. Can't be bad. And (as always) there's photos of the day out on the Internet.

And so to Folkestone for an anniversary party. I took along some Polish lager and developed quite a taste for the stuff. The subject of my latest craze came up; and (totally by chance) I'd seen there was a cache not far away, so I took the Hose Beast and the Bat in search of it. And then in search of four more. There was a minor incident when sliding down the hills (that were too steep to walk down) when the Bat ripped the arse out of his trousers. I did laugh.
And once cached out we returned to base for more Polish lager, and chatting until the early hours.....

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